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People often ask me how, after initially working in both the law and accountancy, before moving on into show business, I settled on professional photography as a career.

This page will I hope, provide at least some answers to that question and provide a little background to the man “behind the lens” and now, The Imaging Company.

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Peter began his photographic career whilst living aboard his own sailing yacht, based on the south coast of England. Keen to combine his knowledge of boats, seamanship and a love of sailing, with that of photography, he first worked as a professional freelance yachting photo journalist.

He specialised in covering general cruising and navigation subjects, with an emphasis on traditional yachts. Such subjects were of particular interest to him and ones upon which he had extensive knowledge and first hand experience. This specialisation proved to be a wise career move. Furthermore, It is rare that magazine contributors can both write well and shoot top quality supporting images; especially from a small, fast moving photographic “chase boat” such as an RIB - rigid inflatable boat - being driven at 40 knots and positioned just 50 metres in front of a large powerful motor yacht at sea!  

As a result, his work quickly found favour with editors and picture buyers world wide. In 1983 one of his images was used on the front cover of a UK motor yachting magazine for the first time. And before long, his illustrated articles and stock photos appeared regularly in publications such as Classic Boat, Practical Boat Owner, Motor Boat & Yachting, Motor Boats Monthly and Yachting Monthly in the UK. Indeed, in one twelve month period for example, seven of Practical Boat Owner magazine’s front covers were supplied by him, along with the supporting articles featured inside the publications. And In due course, his work was also being featured in yachting magazines in other countries too, including Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Australia, South Africa and USA.Peter began his career as a freelance yacgting photo journalist

As an established yachting journalist and photographer, his speculative freelance editorial work quickly lead to commissioned assignments. Knowing they would receive excellent text and picture contributions in due course, most editors were content to give him a free hand over the entire projects and let him “get on with it”!

As a result, Peter handled every aspect of things, from contacting the companies concerned, organising photographic sessions afloat, the delivery of marine products to his studio for custom photography, conducting products tests, writing the technical reviews and finally supplying the yachting magazines with finished articles and supporting pictures.

Living aboard his own yacht in a marina on the south coast of England naturally brought him into contact with other boat owners, many of whom owned businesses outside the marine industry. As a result of the inevitable social networking and his articles appearing regularly in the yachting press, it was not long before he was asked to undertake commissioned promotional photography of a more general kind. And the subsequent experience gained shooting images to promote a wide variety of companies’ products and services set him on the road to becoming the commercial and editorial photographer he is today. And more than twenty years later, Peter continues to work regularly each month for one international pump manufacturer who originally became a client during those early days of his living afloat.

Peter’s wide ranging traditional photographic and digital imaging experience subsequently led him to become a regular monthly contributor to several UK based photographic magazines. His articles have covered general photographic techniques from a professional or freelance perspective together with reviews of both products and software. His images have also appeared in books, and on posters, promotional calendars and greetings cards.

And having spent a number of years in show business as a professional musician and cabaret artist when he was young, he undertook the studio product photography for a couple of specialist music magazines. “In many ways” explains Peter, “it was a trip down memory lane for me when handling these guitars and amplifiers after all these years! And photographing the bass guitars in particular, with their highly reflective and convex surfaces requires similar techniques to those I use when shooting jewellery.”

Drawing upon his previous show business experience allowed him to communicate with the magazine’s staff members as someone who understands the music industry. And so once again, he was left alone to complete the various assignments each month and given a pretty free hand when it came to the photography. As a result, his images not only appeared inside those music magazines, but also graced their front covers too!

Nowadays, Peter’s work centres around the various specialities outlined on our Services Page. However, always keen to be at forefront of his profession, he eagerly embraced the DSLR video revolution that started a few years ago. And now often shoots video for clients alongside his normal commercial photography.

His specialisation too in the production of video slide shows evolved as a natural extension of his stills photography work. “These are certainly excitng times” says Peter, “Online video and live streaming of programs and events are undoubtedly going to make a big impact when it comes to business marketing in this internet age. And undoubtedly, adding moving images to our repertoire, has brought a whole new dimension to the range of digital imaging services we are able to offer clients.”

With an office base just to the north of Plymouth, it is ideally situated for Peter to cover commercial assignments in Devon and Cornwall; his main areas of speciality. But he lives in Cornwall near Truro; and despite his busy work schedule, in his spare time, maintains his connection to music by playing electronic keyboards and has recently started cycling again, after more than 40 years!


Peter began his photography career as a freelance yachting photo journalist.
The image on the left shows his first magazine cover - in 1983!  

Peter’s images and illustrated articles have appeared in books and leading magazines world wide.

Peter’s professional musical show business experience helped when shooting guitars, amplifiers and equipment each month for music industry magazines .