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Fine Art

The purpose of our Fine Art Service is to produce high quality, Fine Art copies and Giclée prints from your paintings, and artwork, that accurately reflect all the subtle colours, texture and quality of your originals. .

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Having produced your latest painting or piece of art it is prudent to make high quality copies of it as soon as possible. Once an original is sold, and it’s not uncommon for this to happen soon after completion, it’s generally impossible to do this. So even if you do not intend to make fine art prints from it, making a copy for your portfolio and general archive of work is a really good idea.

Creating high quality copies of fine art has been one of our services for many years. Right from the days of having our own in house traditional photographic laboratory and working on large format cameras shooting 5x4 inch transparency film.

The move to digital cameras has of course brought many benefits, but with copying artwork, it has also introduced some new challenges. Whereas in the past we could place a large format transparency onto a laboratory lightbox and immediately see if it had accurately captured the colours of the original, that’s not possible with a digital file. It needs to be first captured in camera at very high resolution, using a specific colour profile that will retain as much of the wide range of colours used in the artwork as possible.That file then needs to continue its path through a carefully controlled and calibrated colour management system; involving specialist computer software, a high resolution monitor and professional quality inkjet printer.


All our fine art copy work is conducted photographically; unlike some suppliers, who use flatbed scanners for originals up to a certain size. They can therefore offer art origination at quite low prices. Please bear this in mind when viewing our price list. Your artwork and paintings are just that; works of art! And they deserve the best treatment in order to preserve the colours and integrity of your original when making fine art Giclée prints.

We photograph your originals under controlled lighting, using polarisation as required to remove any reflections from surfaces such as varnished paintings. Furthermore, when originals have a raised texture, we also use special lighting techniques that help preserve the three dimensional texture and “character” of your brush strokes for example.

Having photographed your artwork, we make a series of A4 sized test prints onto your chosen fine art paper or canvas. This ensures that whilst your original is still in our possession, we can compare the test prints against your original and fine tune the print’s colour balance for the most accurate reproduction of your work. We do this for every type of fine art paper or canvas, since each one will require some small adjustment to its colour balance and print settings.An A4 sized print is therefore sent to you for approval before printing any full sized ones.

Once we are both satisfied with the quality of the final test print, and it has been approved by you, we hold it on file as a “Master” to which we can later refer. This means that when subsequently making full sized fine art prints on the same art paper, perhaps long after your original artwork has been returned to you, we can still consistently produce Giclee prints for you that match the original print approved by you.


All prints are made on the highest quality fine art papers and canvas, that when displayed under normal conditions, should provide a life expectancy in excess of 75 years. So you can be confident of delivering high quality Giclée prints tlo your clients purchasing short run or Limited Editions from you.

Our standard print stock includes gloss and satin finish photographic style and fibre based papers, smooth and textured heavyweight fine art papers along with matt and semi gloss finish canvas.

We also offer a number of custom printing services, including “personalisation” with your own signature or logos, custom paper sizes and customised Certificates of Authenticity to enhance the value of your special Limited Edition prints.

Custom printing of your images onto Greetings Cards is another option. And our double sided papers are ideal for printing promotional cards, flyers, business cards and gallery invitations etc. Portfolio printing is another specialist service which can also extend from traditional print to include custom PDF documents on CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray discs with personalised cases and sleeves.

Finally, if your artwork has already been copied and you have suitable high resolution files, we can print from them. They can be uploaded via our private Client Area after contacting us and arranging for your own personal log in details to be set up and sent to you.


Your original artwork can be brought to either our office at Falcon Business or our studio in Truro by appointment. However, we do offer a collection and delivery service covering Cornwall. Prices for this service vary depending upon your location, but it can prove useful if you have large paintings or a large number of paintings to be copied.


We would be happy to send you a copy of our current Fine Art Services Price List. It’s in A5 llandscape format and outlines in more detail, our photographic copying, Giclée and digital print services. It also lists our standard fine art paper and canvas stock, along with the print sizes available. Our fine art printer can handle paper rolls up to a maximum of 24 inches (600mm) wide. But of course that allows us to use this as the shortest dimension on prints from your artwork.

If you would like to receive a copy of the Fine Art Services Price List as a PDF document, simply complete the short form on the left. And it will immediately be emailed to you at the address you enter into the form. You’ll also be added to our mailing list, to receive an occasional newsletter and details of the various discounts and promotions we offer to our subscribers. At the moment for example, we are streamlining our paper stock to match those shown in the 2014 Price List. As a result, we can offer prints made on our earlier papers at discounts of up to 50%!    

We also have a matching Paper Samples booklet. It contains one A5 sized sample sheet of all ten standard single, double sided papers and canvas we keep in stock. Since this has to go in the normal UK mail, a printed copy of the Fine Art Services Price List is included with orders for the Paper Samples Booklet. A small charge to cover production and UK postage costs is made for this package. But having both booklets to hand can be a useful reference when considering paper or canvas stocks and sizes for your fine art prints.

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