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How We Work

What’s it like to work with Peter Phelan and The Imaging Company? This page will highlight the kind of results some of our clients have reported.

It will also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, our approach to clients’ projects and how we are different from most commercial photographers and videographers .

What’s it like to work with Peter Phelan and The Imaging Company? This page will highlight the kind of results some of our clients have reported. It will also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, our approach to clients’ projects and how we are different from most commercial photographers and videographers.

Expected results

When you work with The Imaging Company, the images you will receive from us will be suitable for a multitude of uses; in brochures, flyers, adverts, exhibition graphics, business presentations and on your web site. And when it comes to PR for example, images that will lift your PR stories well above the average submitted to magazines. Editors of trade journals are always on the lookout for top quality images that will not only be be appropriate for their readers, but also enhance the quality and appearance of their own publications. As a result, our clients often see their products featured not only within a trade magazine, but also on its cover. Editorial staff love having a cover image that ties in with a feature inside the magazine.

But of course, given the importance of a magazine cover, and that for a monthly journal there will be only a dozen of them printed in a year, a cover image needs to be outstanding. It also needs to lend itself to a vertical format and have sufficient “breathing space” to accommodate the magazine’s title or “Masthead” and all the “cover lines”, or strap lines that tell the reader at a glance, what features are inside the magazine. But shooting images that will be used in an article itself, also need careful planning and execution. Note how in the image below, its format has made it ideal as an article “header” across a double page spread.

In Public Relations, editorial coverage of this kind is far more effective than simple advertising. And providing editors with images specifically tailored to their magazine’s requirements can see enormous returns on a client’s investment in our work.

Recently for example, working in conjunction with a strategic partner PR agency, Content Communications in Bristol, one long standing manufacturing company client reported sales of over £250,000 to a German company following the editorial coverage obtained in trade journals. And in another case, over £30,000 in sales within the UK alone, during the first four weeks following publication of the PR story in another trade magazine. And all this was achieved as a direct result of the editorial coverage we obtained.

Sometimes, with clients working internationally for example, it’s impractical for us to visit a PR story location personally for photography or video coverage. But thanks to modern digital imaging technology, we can almost always enhance any client supplied photos, or produce our own high quality supporting images for the PR agency.

In the case illustrated on the right, using a combination of a simple product image supplied by the soap manufacturing company, one of my own product shots for the pump manufacturing client and a background image suggesting soap bubbles, I was able to quickly produce an eye catching photo composite to accompany this PR story.

The excellent coverage on Process Industry Informer’s website shown in this press cutting, for example, appeared online within 24 hours of our supplying the image to the PR agency Content Communications.

Our guiding beliefs and values

Commissioning photography, video or any such services for the first time can be a daunting prospect. After all, it’s not like buying a “product”, since initially at least, there are no tangible items that you can touch, see or feel. You can only review the sites of likely photographers and, on the basis of what you see, make your selection on whom you consider to be a “good bet” to deliver the kind of images and results required.

It can therefore be helpful to know some of the underlying beliefs and values upon which our business is based. You can see a detailed copy of our Client Relationship Form HERE. But in essence they include:

Our approach - a creative partnership

When you work with The Imaging Company you can expect us to take a keen interest in your products and services. We aim to be a creative partner in your marketing work; not simply a supplier, or “your photographer” We therefore take the time to understand your products and services, how they work, their unique features and how potential purchasers would benefit from using and buying them. We then use this background knowledge to create images and video that highlight the most important aspects of them.

We're extremely flexible. Different clients need different things; and one size does not fit all. Although we have a variety of service modules (see the Services page) that address a wide variety of imaging and marketing issues, we approach each project or assignment with the same attitude.To produce powerful and effective still or moving images for your business that you will be proud to use in your marketing work. And to do so in a way that is both enjoyable and rewarding for you.

We’re obsessive about the highest quality work; “Good enough” isn’t.  A fastidious attention to detail for example, has earned me the nickname “Mr Peter Perfect” But it’s a quality that clients - particularly those working in similar creative roles such as graphic design, or fine art - appreciate. And they know that I will always “go the extra mile” to achieve an outstanding result.

We respect and adhere to deadlines. These are often tight in the world of advertising, graphic design, litho print and exhibition display materials for example. But clients know that they can reply upon The Imaging Company to “deliver” - on time and on budget. Even if, at the last minute, that involves working evenings, weekends or very long unsociable hours.    

A Quick Response is Guaranteed. Nothing is more frustrating than working with a photographer who will not return ‘phone calls or reply to emails quickly. We don't just try to be responsive; our office telephone telephone number - shown in the column on the left - for example, is answered by a real “live” person 24 hrs a day, 365 days each year. And if I am not available, the office will notify me instantly of your call via text and email. We therefore guarantee that during UK office hours, your calls or emails will be returned by me personally within four hours or less.

Why use us?

When you're looking for a commercial photographer these days, there are a lot to choose from. So what makes Peter Phelan and The Imaging Company different from any other corporate photographer? I think the difference lies in the breadth of my  thirty years experience as a specialist in corporate work.

This spans many years in traditional film based photography and laboratory work, traditional repro, DTP and litho print. And working on a wide variety of projects in conjunction with graphic designers, magazine editors, advertising and PR agencies. All of which, together with my years as a freelance photo journalistic, means I have gained an in depth knowledge and understanding of graphic design, magazine design, page layout, exhibition display and the ways in which my images will ultimately be used.

Peter Phelan on location at a water treatment worksSuch experience therefore helps me to know instinctively what kind of images and results clients are likely to want. As a result, all our services are geared purely at helping other businesses market their own products and services. You will see many other photographers claiming to cover just about everything, including commercial photography.

But the creative and technical skills needed for corporate work are completely different from those required in the world of social photography. As specialists, we therefore prefer not to attempt such a  broadly based “General Practice” style work.

Finally I am proud to say that over 80% of our clients have been using our services for more than five years and in one notable case, more than twenty five years!

Where to next?

Now that you have a better idea on the kind of results you can expect by working with us and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, please now go to the Our Services page to learn about the specific services and packages we offer.

Typical double page spread and cover in two UK water treatment industry magazines

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Peter Phelan is more than just a photographer. He combines a high-level of expertise and understanding of a customer's technology, with a tremendous sense of artistry and photographic skill. This is a rare thing - and it adds a great deal of value to every project he works upon.

Having worked with Peter on dozens of projects over the last 13 years, I can honestly say: I have never met anyone who is more dedicated to the pursuit of perfection; more gifted at turning the boring into the interesting; more
in-tune with the client's requirements; and more sensitive to all the subtle nuances of the needs
of each project.

I would therefore recommend Peter's work to anyone who values visual quality and superb photography.

Joanna Watchman
Founder & Managing Director

Content Communications

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Peter on location at a UK water treatment works