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Location Photography

The purpose of our Location Photography Service is to produce high quality, striking images that capture the features and unique benefits of your business’ products or services, for use in sales and marketing material.

We have packages under our “Hospitality Spot” Service, but the varied nature of location work means assignments are usually customised to suit your requirements.

As its name suggests, our Hospitality Spot Service is dedicated to helping hotels, guest houses and other small businesses within the hospitality sector, create the right image in their marketing.

Is your business within this sector, UK based, and in either Devon or Cornwall? Have you just improved some of your rooms or facilities? Updated  high quality photographs in your brochure or on your web site will certainly help to show off those improvements to potential new guests when considering where to stay in the West Country!

When people are looking for holiday or business accommodation, they are most likely to do that online these days. And attention spans are quite short when people are browsing the internet! So you only have a few seconds after they land upon your web site, in which to make a good impression; one that will encourage them to explore further, your rooms, facilities and then decide to make a booking!.

Photographs are the most likely elements on your site that will prompt people to investigate further. It’s vital therefore, that those photographs quickly create the right impression. I often say to clients that “I do not create photographs … I create emotions”

The images I create for your hospitality business must not merely “show” rooms, facilities, food etc. they must convey the atmosphere, ambience, the kind of welcome and overall wonderful “experience” guests will have if they book with you.

In keeping with hotel practice, we have “room rates” for our Hospitality Spot photography service. Charges are based upon the number of rooms to be photographed in a single session. And are fully inclusive of proofing online via our private Client Area, and delivery of the final high resolution files, suitable for brochure or exhibition use and low resolution images, suitable for use on your web site; all supplied on DVD.

We also have discounted “Special Rates” for sessions extending to a day or more. These would be more appropriate if your shoot will involve a large number of rooms, food photography or because of room availability or weather conditions, require a number of visits. In such cases we provide Estimates based around the predicted amount of coverage that can be completed in a day. We fully appreciate that, especially during busy holiday periods, guest accommodation takes precedence. Therefore, we are always flexible with our work schedule, so that it can fit in with your room availability for example.

The only additional charge under the Hospitality Spot Photography Service is for travelling expenses. These are normally added at a standard 45p per mile from our office base near Plymouth.



Although based in the South West of England, we travel extensively throughout the UK and to Europe. Our location assignments can be wide ranging in their nature, but fall under the general headings outlined below.

To cover such a wide variety of work, we have a comprehensive selection of photographic, audio, video, computer and lighting equipment; along with sufficient portable gear to allow us to build quite an elaborate product studio setup on location.

Whilst away on assignments alone, we can usually still proof images to you via our private Client Area. And if required, also supply final high resolution images this way. So you’ll always kept abreast of developments throughout a shoot and be able to meet those tight deadlines.

Increasingly these days, we are shooting high definition video alongside our traditional photography. This can range from short clips suitable for inclusion in a specialist corporate video slide show featuring your products and services - our Multimedia Services wil soon provide more details - to more elaborate case studies, involving in depth video coverage, interviews and customer testimonials for example.

Case study PR images for Siemens plc


For many people, the term PR photography conjures images of the kind often seen in local newspapers. You see one or more people standing outside their newly opened office for example, or being presented with a giant size “cheque”, having made some charitable donation, won some award, a prize or having achieved something, “the marketing department” feels warrants a photo and some suitably hyped “Press Release” copy, that will be “good publicity”.

In the professional photography world, such group shots and presentations are affectionately known as “grip and grin” Hold that cheque, certificate, award or whatever up for the cameraman, smile and maybe even give a “thumbs up” sign with the other hand. And after a few quick “snaps” the photographer is on his way and everyone can relax once more.

There is however, another form or PR that is a “million miles away” from that kind of thing. It involves an agency working closely with its corporate clients on potential “stories” concerning their products and services, having professional journalists research and write interesting and informative articles that are directed at a specific audience. And then commissioning a photographer to shoot a series of images to support that feature or story so that it can be submitted to a wide range of industry specific media outlets, such as trade magazines, journals and web sites.

It’s publicity, not paparazzi! And it’s the kind of PR photography we undertake. Such assignments require a knowledge of the clients’ products and services, a copy of the PR story for which supporting images are required, an ability to quickly assess the photographic opportunities and equipment needed once we are on location. And of course, the technical skills to shoot suitable images - and video if the situation warrants it- quickly and efficiently.

Site locations can vary enormously, from the ultra clean rooms of a biotech lab, or the cleanliness of a food manufacturing company production line, to that of a sewage treatment works. And the equipment and environment to be photographed can often proove challenging to capture well. Highly polished machinery or the large areas of reflective stainless steel so often found in food and beverage manufacturing for example, require particular attention when it comes to lighting and avoiding harsh, blazed out highlights and these surfaces showing as a dull grey, rather than a nice clean, bright one.   

However, we always ensure that all this photography and video work is conducted with the minimum of disruption to the people and business that has kindly agreed to photography on their premises. And with a sensitivity to their possible concerns that if published, photographs of their processes for example, may divulge too much information to their competitors. But in all cases, the PR story and proof images are submitted to the customers’ executives for approval before any material is released to the press

With an assignment complete and media coverage obtained, we often find our resulting photographs or video can prove useful to both our commissioning client and their customer. In fact, it’s normal practice for the customer to be offered the use our photographs for their own marketing purposes, free of charge. And so our PR work can represent a real “win win” situation for all concerned!

Where to next?

Now that you have seen something of the style and scope of our location photography services, why not Contact Us to arrange an initial exploratory telephone discussion on how they could help you in marketing your business.

Contact us now to see how our studio photography services could help market your business

Investing in our specialist Public Relations Photography Service can often result in your business receiving extensive editorial coverage.

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With our specialist Location Product Photography Service we travel to either your own premises, or to another agreed location for the product shoot.

This can be a particularly attractive solution when, for example:

In such cases, we can bring the necessary equipment with us to make up a temporary studio on site. This will be complete with portable backgrounds, lighting and computer desk to allow for a normal studio style “tethered” camera workflow. You will then be able to participate in the shoot, “art direct” and oversee the setup of your products in readiness for photography and finally check the images individually as they are produced. And of course you’ll also enjoy having your products photographed with the minimum of disruption to your business activities.


Product photography on location in The Netherlands