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Services and Packages

We help our clients promote their products and services via specialist corporate photography, digital imaging, audio and video services. All of which are specifically aimed at your business marketing and development.

Learn more about The Imaging Company's studio photography servicesOur Studio Photography Service will provide you with high quality images of your products for use throughout all of your marketing material. They can be used in sales brochures, leaflets and flyers instruction manuals, data sheets, on exhibition graphics, for PR and of course, on your web site.

They could also be used in videos for display on exhibition stands, social media web sites such as Youtube, and your own web site.

And our Multimedia Services can turn your still images into powerful sales and marketing videos!  

You can learn more about our Studio Photography Service HERE


Learn more about The Imaging Company's location photography servicesUnder our Location Photography Service we travel to either your own premises, or to another agreed location for the shoot.

Assignments are wide ranging in their scope; and can include hotel photography, magazine editorial photography, on site PR or studio style product shots.

Sometimes, it is far more convenient to photograph your products at your own premises, for example, rather than bring them in to our studio. In such cases, if you have a suitable space available, we can set up a complete temporary studio on site.

You can learn more about our Location Photography Service HERE


Learn more about The Imaging Company's video and multimedia servicesThe popularity of social media and video sharing sites such as Youtube means it’s now almost essential for your business to have an online video presence.

And our multimedia services are designed to help you achieve that it style! We specialise in multimedia video presentations. Just supply us with a selection of your sales photographs, business logo and details of your proposed marketing message. And we do the rest!

Developed as a natural extension of our photography work, they provide a quick and cost effective way to get your business online.

You can learn more about our specialist Multimedia Services HERE


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The Imaging Company offers a range of photographic, digital imaging and audio video services, all designed to enhance your marketing material and boost business development. These range from package deals to specific assignments and ongoing PR campaigns; but all our services can be completely customised to your needs. In all cases, our focus throughout, is to produce striking still or moving images that will measurably increase the effectiveness of your business marketing.

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Learn more about The Imaging Company's digital imaging servicesDigital retouching, manipulation or “airbrushing” of images is commonplace today. And photo composition of a number of objects into a single image, the removal of unwanted backgrounds, retouching of blemishes and general overall image enhancement, is another of our specialities.

It’s routine in our own work, but we can also enhance your supplied images as a separate service. And often, we can transform a seemingly “dreadful” low resolution original image, shot on a mobile ‘phone for example, into one that is suitable for use in a magazine or trade journal.

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Location shoot post production

Learn more about The Imaging Company's fine art servicesWe offer a range of specialised services for artists, painters and galleries. These include copy work, custom Giclee printing on fine art papers and canvas, individual “personalisation” of prints with your signature or logo, and Certificates of Authenticity to accompany your Limited Edition fine art prints.

We also offer printing of your images onto Greetings Cards. And our double sided papers are ideal for printing short run cards, flyers, business cards and gallery invitations etc.Your paintings are works of art! And they deserve the very best treatment!

You can learn more about our Fine Art Services HERE


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