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Studio Photography

The purpose of our Studio Photography Service is to produce high quality, striking images that capture the essence, features and unique benefits of your products, for use in sales and marketing material.

Service options are listed below, but all studio sessions can be fully customised to suit your requirements.

STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHYClick to see a larger image of  Peter on product photography - available in our Cornwall studio

With our own small studio in Cornwall, we can provide a very comprehensive and quick response Studio Photography Service. Details of the various options are set out below. But you can also see Peter explain our studio photography service in great detail in the video on the right.

You can bring your products to us directly at the studio, arrange to bring them to the Falcon Business Centre, or we can collect them from you at your own premises.

With a brief agreed beforehand, we generally conduct the photography in our own time and working alone. This frees you from the need to attend your photo sessions personally. But you are always kept fully involved throughout the shoot via your own dedicated, private, password protected section of the “Clients Area” on our web site. Your log in details will be provided at the commencement of the shoot.

Once logged in to this area, you are able to see proofs from the shoot as it progresses, add comments directly to those images, we can exchange documents and you can finally approve everything once the shoot is complete. Your final high resolution images or graphics can also be supplied for download via this private area, but since file sizes are so big nowadays, they can also be written to CD or DVD.

For the technically minded, we shoot all images in the highest quality RAW format. And by default, supply the final files in two formats. As uncompressed RGB tiffs, suitable for litho print or exhibition use; and as the highest quality jpegs, sized at 500 pixels on the longest length, suitable for use on the web, in email and presentations etc. All images are correctly colour profiled in Adobe RGB 1998 and sRGB formats respectively.

Under our Packshots Service your products will be carefully photographed against a simple plain white or graduated coloured background. This kind of product treatment is particularly suited to mail order catalogues, instruction manuals and on e-commerce web sites that offer a multitude of items for sale.

The images are intended to be purely “informative” rather than creative and therefore provide prospective purchasers or users with an overall, accurate general view of the product.

Under the Standard Packshot Sevice your products will be photographed against the chosen background and there will be the minimum of post production on the final images. Furthermore, the size of products that can be photographed in this way is restricted to those that can be easily handled and set up on a “table top” kind of surface. Items that need some degree of post production, such as be “cut out” - that is have their background removed completely - are handled under our Premier Packshot Service.

Under this service, your products are photographed against a suitable plain background, which is then removed completely in post production. Your final images can therefore be supplied with pure white, coloured or graduated backgrounds; or with transparent backgrounds that will allow you or your designer to do your own post production as required.

Other options, such as the specific file naming of images to tie in with product codes in a catalogue are also available. This can be particularly useful in jewellery photography for example, where the same item is available in  a number of different sizes.

We have several “Package Deals” under our Packshots Service, based upon the size and number of products to be photographed together with the amount of post production required. They are available for both the Standard and Premier Services; so please Contact Us for further details.



Use our Premier Product Shots Service when you need the ultimate, customised treatment of your products. This service is ideal for your specific advertising compaigns, product launches, sales brochures, flyers, and exhibition graphics for example.

Where you need creativity and are dealing with relatively few products, rather than a complete range of them, all needing a similar kind of overall treatment.

Assignments under this heading generally involve working to specific briefs, and in a carefully considered way. We may need to purchase special backgrounds or props; perhaps hire models. We often work at a distance from our clients and in some cases, never actually meet them in person. In the image shown here for example, we photographed all the jewellery in our studio, but the image of the model was supplied to us by an agency several hundred miles away.

Our brief was to photograph the earrings and necklace as product shots and then add them to the image of the model; making it appear that she had been photographed actually wearing them. To allow us to do this in post production, required careful planning during the shoot. Using the plain image of the model for reference, the earrings were suspended at appropriate angles and the necklace was placed on a jewellers “bust” - the kind used to display such items in shop windows and displays. Having photographed the jewellery items individually, they were “cut out” from their backgrounds and placed onto the image of the lady.

So on this shoot, we never met anyone personally from the design agency or indeed the model! We merely collected the jewellery from the manufacturer and photographed these items in our studio as part of a more general “catalogue” photo shoot. I think you’ll agree, the effect is very convincing!

Often, in product launches, the final, or “real” product does not yet even exist! So a similar kind of creative approach is required, since images and promotional material must all be designed and prepared beforehand. Photo shoots of this kind can often involve the exchange of many proofs, ideas and various amounts of digital post production before arriving at the final selection of images.

As a result, because of the complexity and variables involved, once we have ageed the basic structure of a shoot and overall requirements, we provide written Estimates for all assignments under this service.


Peter at work on product photography in the Cornwall Studio

Earrings and necklace were added to the model image in post production

With the ever increasing amount of products being sold online, it is vitally important that prospective customers can see clearly what they are buying. And 360 degree or “spin” photography allows them to really appreciate a product’s features and benefits by simply looking at the rotating product on your web site.

As a result, in addition to our normal studio photography, we now offer a high quality 360 degree product photography service. It’s become a popular way of displaying products online and you’ll find many photographic studios now offering such 360 degree product “spins”.

These are usually produced quickly and cheaply by photographing the products in low resolution, against a simple white background. And certainly, if you have a large number of products to display, it can be a cost effective solution.

However, we do not work in that way, since we prefer to offer a much higher quality product. Firstly, we always shoot 36 images - one every 10 degrees of rotation - to ensure a smooth end result. Secondly, in post production, all these images are carefully “cut out” from their original background. This means that although product spins are usually displayed against a white background, as shown above, your products can have any other background of your choice; perhaps a nice graduated one that compliments the product or your corporate colours.

This considered approach also allows us to photograph and display your products in the best possible way. And avoid such things as the nasty “blazed out” highlights you often see when products have been simply placed and rotated inside a large white “light tent”. It also means you’ll have high resolution images that can also be used in other ways, such as your litho printed sales and marketing materials and on exhibition displays for example. We can also incorporate them into full HD resolution videos!

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Where to next?

Now that you have seen something of the scope of our Studio Photography Services, why not Contact Us to arrange an initial exploratory telephone discussion on how they could help you in marketing your business.

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