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A picture says a thousand words …

… and that’s never been more true than in the world of business marketing!

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Specialist digital imaging services, specifically
designed to help you promote your business!

“A picture paints a thousand words“ ...

... And that’s never more true than in the world of business marketing!

When you look at an advert, pick up a sales brochure or visit a web site, it’s the image or images that first catch your eye. And only then, if those pictures look interesting, do you go on to read the text and look more closely at that company’s products or services.

Therefore, having the right images to promote your business is crucial to your marketing success. So it really pays to select a specialist to produce them for you. Someone who is not just a photographer, or videographer, but an experienced professional with an in depth understanding of your needs as a business owner, magazine editor, marketing professional, graphic design or PR agency. And who is accustomed to working to those all important deadlines too!

Someone who’ll take a keen interest in your products and services. And will therefore, always be looking for new and innovative ways to show and promote them. Helping to ensure that you’re always a recognised leader in your industry. Therefore, someone you can regard as a creative partner; rather than just another “supplier.”

The Results Speak For Themselves!

“Good photography plays a key part in our international marketing. And what could be difficult, is just made so easy working with Peter Phelan of The Imaging Company.

For the past twenty five years, he has combined a wide range of traditional photographic techniques with ever-increasing amounts of technology to provide vibrant shots of both pumps and tubing for our sales brochures, exhibition graphics and PR.  As a result, we continually receive compliments on our images and column inches in leading journals worldwide.

Peter is able to take a brief on what is required, easily extracting the market requirements, and then produce images that exceed expectations. In addition to all our studio photography, I never hesitate to ask Peter to visit important customer sites for applications photography.

During this site photography, our customers are always comfortable and encouraged by him and he achieves superb images in what are often extremely difficult surroundings”

Heather Beale
Publicity Manager
Watson Marlow Pumps Group

Where to next?

Would you would like to take your marketing images to the next level? Then Click the link below to learn more about the kind of businesses we work with in helping them “Create the Right Image!”

Learn more about who we work with

Looking for a commercial photographer? Firstly, many thanks for visiting the web site. It’s currently being updated; so at the moment, a few sections are offline.

However, you can see the kind of businesses we help with their marketing. And learn a little about our various photographic, and digital imaging services; all of which are designed to help your business, whatever its size, promote its own products and services.

Online video is now a very important part of business promotion. And so we now have some very attractive packages to help you take advantage of this medium as part of your marketing.

I am really excited about these developments and will have more news on this shortly. And of course, video is playing an important part of our own web site update! It will allow me to much more effectively show you how “creating the right image” can help with your business promotion!

Meanwhile, I hope you find the content here to be of interest.


Peter Phelan

Commercial photographer Peter Phelan
Commercial Photographer Peter Phelan is based in Cornwall